Dedicated Server Germany

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS Hostingis nothing but a short form of Virtual Private Server who mimics the hosting environment of a dedicated server while also maintaining a shared hosting environment. Therefore it is both, shared VPS and dedicated server Germany.

In order to understand how useful VPS hosting is here are a few of the advantages of VPS hosting as discussed by experts from Germany server:

  • Better stability: Shared web hosting will soon become obsolete. This is mainly because a lot of hosting companies over sell their servers, thus piling thousands of customers on the same server. This greatly reduces the stability and reliability of their services. In case of VPS hosting, this is not the case and being a virtual server, customers will get better service.

  • Better control: Another major advantage of using a VPS package is that customers get root access to their environment. This means that if you need a custom software package installed, you can go ahead without waiting for the hosting provider to provide you with the necessary support. Shared web servers are designed for providing maximum security and performance, this means a lot of software packages are not supported because of security limitations. With your own virtual environment, you are able to bypass all these limitations.
  • Green technology: Over the past few years, green hosting and environmental friendly technologies have gained a lot of prominence. As a human being, it is important that you do your bit of reducing your carbon foot print. This can be achieved by VPS hosting because in case of a dedicate server all the resources of the server are only being used by you. But in case of a virtual private server, a large dedicated server gets divided into my virtual environments thus letting many people share the resources of a physical server.
  • Cost effectiveness: VPS hosting solutions have become cheaper over the years. Due to the advances in virtualization technologies, one can only expect these prices to decline further. Due to the reduced costs, VPS hosting has now become an option for all kinds of establishments, even if you are just starting out with your website or business. You can opt for a small private hosting environment and it comes at a very cheap price. If you have a larger establishment, you can always opt for managed VPS. The price of a VPS package is comparable to that of shared hosting, but is devoid of all the hassles and performance issues associated with it.